Golf Course

Designed along the beautiful Duck Creek and alive with rolling terrain through the picturesque Wisconsin countryside,
Irish Waters Golf Club provides an exceptional golf experience that includes beautifully manicured fairways, mature trees, seven lakes,
and the area’s only island green! Try your luck on our links!

Rating / Slope

Championship Forward Red: 5,142 Yds, Rating 69.3, Slope 112
Middle White Tees: 5,772 Yds, Rating 67.7, Slope 111
Championship Blue Tees: 6,053 Yds, Rating 68.9, Slope 114

Front Nine

Hole 1

Par – 4; Yardage – Blue Tee: 312, White Tee: 305, Red Tee: 298
The first hole eases your way into the course and offers a great chance for a birdie start. Be careful though. Although #1 looks harmless, there is out-of-bounds along the right side and the green can be a bit tricky. A bunker guards the front right side of the green, and, if the pin is on the left, make sure to keep your ball below the hole.

Hole 2

Par – 4; Yardage – Blue Tee: 384, White Tee: 372, Red Tee: 348
This is a very demanding par four. An accurate tee shot is required because OB and a water hazard greatly come into play. If you can somehow fit your tee shot into the narrow fairway, you are still faced with an intimidating approach. On the approach, the pond that runs along the right side of the green seems to gobble up a lot of balls. This is a hole where it usually pays to play it safe. Don’t be discouraged with a bogey here.

Hole 3

Par – 5; Yardage – Blue Tee: 500, White Tee: 482, Red Tee: 465
If you struggled on the last hole, here is your chance to redeem yourself. It is beneficial to hug the left side on your tee shot, but don’t go too far left or your ball could disappear in the tall grass that lies outside the rough. A layup shot to the distance of your choice will set you up for an easy approach and a chance for birdie.

Hole 4

Par – 3; Yardage – Blue Tee: 136, White Tee: 124, Red Tee: 113
This is a pretty straightforward par three. The water in front may test your nerves a bit, but if you can get over that, there is not much difficulty. Club selection is key, so pay attention to where the pin is located.

Hole 5

Par – 4; Yardage – Blue Tee: 405, White Tee: 395, Red Tee: 323
A good tee shot is important here. If you do not hit it far enough up the hill, you may be left with a blind approach. Big hitters can cut the corner, but be careful because the two fairway bunkers can leave a difficult approach. The green is fairly flat, but any balls landing toward the back of the green will trickle off.

Hole 6

Par – 4; Yardage – Blue Tee: 377, White Tee: 365, Red Tee: 304
There is a lot of room for your tee shot here. There is not much to the approach, however the back-to- front slope of the green makes it beneficial to take less club and stay below the hole.

Hole 7

Par – 4; Yardage – Blue Tee: 310, White Tee: 303, Red Tee: 296
From the tee, this hole looks like a birdie opportunity. It can be, but there is enough trouble to assist you with putting up a big number. A highly back-to-front sloping green can leave you with a very quick putt. It is important to stay below the hole, but don’t be too concerned with playing short, because it will bring the water into play.

Hole 8

Par – 3; Yardage – Blue Tee: 204, White Tee: 196, Red Tee: 123
There isn’t too much to this hole. It’s a flat par 3 with hazards that only come into play with severe mis- hits. The difficulty of this hole is due to its length. The length from the white and blue tees will have most people teeing off with the dreaded long iron.

Hole 9

Par – 4; Yardage – Blue Tee: 367, White Tee: 358, Red Tee: 313
This hole can jump up and bite you. With out-of-bounds lining the whole left side of the fairway and a pond that wraps around half of the green, a big number is not uncommon. If you are thinking you can bail out right with all the trouble left, think again. There is out-of-bounds and a dangerous grove of trees on the right that can also wreak havoc. All in all, this hole creates a very demanding finish for the front nine.

Back Nine

Hole 10

Par – 4; Yardage – Blue Tee: 398, White Tee: 390, Red Tee: 382
This is not the hole your looking for if you need a hot start to your back nine. The 10th hole is a long par four that seems to play longer because its up hill. Both sides of the green are guarded by bunkers in the front, and the green can be a little tricky due to some subtle breaks that can be difficult to see.

Hole 11

Par – 4; Yardage – Blue Tee: 324, White Tee: 310, Red Tee: 279
#11 is a short par four that can result in a birdie if played correctly. You can hit a driver off the tee, but it might leave you with one of those awkward pitch shots to the green. A long iron or fairway wood might be a better play off the tee.

Hole 12

Par – 3; Yardage – Blue Tee: 170, White Tee: 136, Red Tee: 117
Our signature 12th hole can be a beast, especially when the wind blows. The island is actually very big, but a mis-hit will probably result in a double bogey. If you are careful when you make your club selection and commit to your shot, you will be fine.

Hole 13

Par – 5; Yardage – Blue Tee: 524, White Tee: 506, Red Tee: 450
If you are a slicer, take notice. There is out-of-bounds all along the right side of the hole. This is the longest hole on the golf course, but it is a good birdie opportunity if you can manage to stay out of the fairway bunkers. Also, be aware of the depth of the pin. There is a ridge that runs through the middle of the green that can give you fits if you are on the wrong side.

Hole 14

Par – 3; Yardage – Blue Tee: 175, White Tee: 138, Red Tee: 98
The best advice for this hole … don’t go right.. The bunker on the right is dangerous, and out-of-bounds will be a definite double bogey. Missing right adds strokes, but missing left tests your nerve. From the left bunker, visions of the right side bunker and the out-of-bounds are clear. If you hit a solid shot, this picturesque hole can seem pretty simple.

Hole 15

Par – 4; Yardage – Blue Tee: 284, White Tee: 272, Red Tee: 224
Big hitters can drive it right up to the green. The driver is a high risk, high reward play. Most people choose to play a long iron or fairway wood off the tee to leave themselves with a full shot to the green. There is a lot of trouble around a very narrow green. The pond on the left is not visible from the tee but comes into play more than you think.

Hole 16

Par – 4; Yardage – Blue Tee: 295, White Tee: 279, Red Tee: 233
A straight tee shot is key here. A long iron off the tee needs to fit between two ponds for a short iron approach. If you hit a bomb with your driver, you can probably get on or near the green, but it is very high risk.

Hole 17

Par – 4; Yardage – Blue Tee: 383, White Tee: 370, Red Tee: 358
This hole plays longer than the yardage listed. The view off the green may be obscured from the elevation, so find your yardage and trust it.

Hole 18

Par – 5; Yardage – Blue Tee: 505, White Tee: 491, Red Tee: 418
The 18th hole can lead to a dramatic finish. First things first, stay out of the fairway bunker off the tee. There is plenty of room, aim away from the bunker. The water wrapping around the front and right of the green on the approach can get your ball. Be careful on your approach and you will walk away with a good score.

Irish Waters Golf Club

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